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Employability testimonial

Service user:

“I was introduced to Blend by VAS and i started volunteering for couple of months and it was the best time i had. Eventually i got a job as a kitchen assistant and became a trustee. I now attend meetings and give my opinions on day to day running of the centre.”

“Working at Blend has been a very good experience and i have worked with very caring people. I have learnt a lot about basic hygiene, preparation and cooking food, and waitressing. I have met a lot of people and improved my language skills especially understanding Sheffield dialect.

“Working at Blend has also improved my self-confidence and i feel better prepared to meet and talk to lots of different people. I really appreciate the time and effort that Chris has spent teaching me. Chris is a role model in managing people.”

Partner organisation testimonial:

Sarah Fowler – Brathay Trust Community Engagement Co-ordinator

“This year (2017) we have worked in partnership with Blend to deliver Community Café Pilot Training at William Sutton Community Hall in Hillsborough (WSCH). The training was a 9 week course (1 day a week, 2 hours a session) where participants learnt how to cook low cost healthy meals that were served at our weekly community evening meal (Friday nights 5-6.30).”

“Brathay manages WSCH and delivers community activities for the Clarion Housing estate residents and surrounding areas. During home visits and community consultation Brathay noticed many families were not eating healthy meals and many of the elderly were not cooking for themselves. This is why Brathay decided to set up the community meal where families and the older generation are attending. We decided to invite Blend to build on this evening meal and involve the participants.”

“Blend are attentive to the participants and encourage sharing of ideas and recipes. They encourage the children at the evening meals to get involved by serving, taking orders and playing host. The older residents have asked for intergenerational activities and have enjoyed this element to the evening meals. One quote from an older resident is that she is enjoying watching the children grow. This has been made possible by the relaxed delivery style of Blend.”

“The young people on the estate now wish to learn more complicated recipes and baking is top on their list of priorities. They are also becoming adventurous with different cuisines and have asked to hold a Jamaican Bistro night with music, food and fancy dress. Hillsborough is a mainly white British area surrounded by takeaways. Through the partnership work Blend and Brathay have delivered the children and young people are learning life skills and have been able to explore different cultures which they are not exposed to through food.”

“We are very pleased with how the community has been engaged through this project and are currently looking into further projects which build on the work we have undertaken.”


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