Slow Cooker Success!


Since January this year with funding from Sanctuary Housing Association and SOAR, we’ve been delivering a programme of slow cooker classes in Shiregreen. The 2 courses run at Shiregreen Neighbourhood Centre and Sycamore Heights sheltered housing complex have provided 20 participants with a free slow cooker along with practical teaching in how to get the best out of a slow cooker. Each session taught participants a simple recipe that could be made in a slow cooker along with a quick, healthy snack. The group selected each week the dish they wanted to cook, with recipes including slow cooked lamb shank, Thai chicken curry and home made rice pudding. There are lots of benefits to using a slow cooker including being able to create an amazing meal while saving money on your energy bills. You can find out more about the benefits of using a slow cooker, along with a few useful hints and tips here.

Another success has been at Sycamore Heights Sheltered Housing where by providing a slow cooker we were able to reduce social isolation of the residents there recently during the bad weather. One weekend in March when we had heavy snow in Sheffield, residents decided they were going to come out of their flats and prepare a meal together in the communal area of the centre. A number of residents who attended the course contributed meat, vegetables and other ingredients need to make a warming stew and came together to cook and eat. The impromptu move instigated by the residents really demonstrated to us how the course had brought the older people living their closer together as a community.

Blend are currently working on plans to expand the programme next winter in an effort to help older people eat more healthily, save money on their winter bills and reduce isolation. If you’re involved in work with older people, why not get in touch to see how we can work together in the future to run this great programme. Simply email or call 07468417353 (Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm).


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