Fatima’s Story


We’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing people over the past year. One of those is Fatima, who we met a year ago and his since benefited in a number of ways from being referred to Blend. This is her story;

“I was introduced to Blend by VAS and i started volunteering for couple of months and it was the best time i had. Eventually i got a job as a kitchen assistant and became a trustee. I now attend meetings and give my opinions on day to day running of the centre.  

Working at Blend has been a very good experience and i have worked with very caring people. I have learnt a lot about basic hygiene, preparation and cooking food, and waitressing. I have met a lot of people and improved my language skills especially understanding Sheffield dialect.

Working at Blend has also improved my self confidence and I feel better prepared to meet and talk to lots of different people. I really appreciate the time and effort that Chris has spent teaching me. Chris is a role model in managing people”. 


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