There are a number of values Blend Kitchen run by:

1. Great food

First and foremost, our aim is to create great tasting, memorable dishes that people love to eat. All the dishes we serve at Blend Kitchen are inspired by the communities, cultures, farmers, food producers and fishermen of Yorkshire. Using this philosophy, our experienced chef’s create an eclectic, frequently changing menu where there’s always something new ┬áto try.

2. Excellent service

We want you to have a great time when you come to Blend Kitchen! Our front of house team are on hand to make sure you have a great experience every time you visit Blend Kitchen. Working with Justin Rowntree (founder of Silversmiths Restaurant), our front of house team are trained to a high standard and provide exceptional service on your visit to Blend Kitchen.

3. Value for money

We always aim to offer great value for money, while using the best produce available to us. This means that while we may not be the cheapest, we will always provide you with great quality food, drink and service. Also, every penny you spend at Blend Kitchen goes into our overall aim of using the hospitality, food and cookery to improve peoples lives. This means that rather than the profits from our business going into the pockets of shareholders, we re-invest the money in to making a real difference to peoples lives.

4. For the benefit of the local economy

There are loads of reasons to spend your money at places like Blend and other independent businesses. Not only are there loads of really good ones in Sheffield, by spending your money with them you’re helping to keep money in the city and strengthen the local economy. This means for companies like us we can create jobs for local people, run activities and events that contribute to making Sheffield a better place to live.

5. Investing in people

Blend are committed to investing in local people and creating jobs and meaningful volunteering opportunities. As a community interest company, when you buy food from Blend, the money is going into creating jobs and creating opportunities for local people and not for the profit of shareholders or directors. You can find out more about community interest companies here.


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